Graduate Faculty

The names of the pathology graduate faculty members in the table below link to pages showing contact information for each faculty member, as well as their educational background, honors, journal affiliations, clinical specialties, research interests and  specialties.

Sunil Badve, MD  Breast Pathology

John C. Baenziger, MD  Newborn Screening, Pediatric Pathology

Merrill D. Benson, MD  Amyloidosis Research

Liang Cheng, MD  Molecular Genetics

Harvey Cramer, MD  Surgical Pathology

Oscar W. Cummings, MD  Surgical Pathology

Magdalena Czader, MD, PhD  Hematopathology

Thomas E. Davis, MD, PhD  Clinical Microbiology

John N. Eble, MD, MBA  Renal Pathology Department Chairman

Bernardino Ghetti, MD Director Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center

Eyas Hattab, MD  Neuropathology

Dean A. Hawley, MD  Forensic Pathology

Raymond L. Konger, MD  Clinical Chemistry & Dermatopathology

Chao-Hung Lee, PhD  Clinical Microbiology

Diane S. Leland, PhD  Diagnostic Virology

Helen Elizabeth Michael, MD  Surgical Pathology

Jill R. Murrell, PhD  Neuropathology

Carrie L. Phillips, MD  Electron Microscopy & Renal Pathology

Romil Saxena, MD  Surgical Pathology

Ruben Vidal, PhD  Neuropathology

Cong Yan, PhD  Lung Pathology  

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