Career Information

Careers of Research-Based Degree Graduates

Historically, graduates have progressed as follows after completion of the research-based M.S.: approximately 1/3 continue on with their studies in the Experimental Pathology Ph.D. program, in Ph.D. programs in other departments, or in professional schools such as medicine or dentistry.  An additional 1/3 use their science education in positions as researchers in settings of medically-related industry (pharmaceuticals, diagnostic products, etc.).  The remaining 1/3 use their M.S. education in clinical positions in hospital or other diagnostic or research laboratories as laboratory supervisors, educators, or research and development specialists.   Ph.D. graduates have been evenly divided between teaching and research careers in academic settings and research careers in medically-related industry.

At this writing, pathology M.S. and Ph.D. graduates have readily found employment.
The combination of research and clinical skills of most graduates is highly desirable in many environments. 


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