Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many students are accepted each year?
The IU CLS Program can accept 12 students each year.

2. How many applications are received each year?
The average number of applications per year received during the most recent 5 year-period is 40.

3. What is the average grade point average (GPA) of successful applicants?
Both math/science and total cumulative GPAs are evaluated. The average math/science GPA (last 5 years) for successful applicants is 3.46. The average total cumulative GPA (last 5 years) for successful applicants is 3.55. NOTE: The minimum math/science and total GPAs required for application are 2.7 on a 4.0 scale.

4. What percent of those who enter the program complete it and graduate?
Over the last 5 years, 100% of the students (59/59) who began the program were able to graduate. 

5. What percent of those who graduate have employment within 3 months of graduating?
In most years, 100% of our graduates are employed in a laboratory related area within 3 months of graduation. Over the most recent 5 years, 98% (59/60) have found employment within 3 months.

6. Where are graduates employed?
Most graduates have been employed in hospital laboratories, but some have chosen private reference or research laboratories or industry laboratories/technical work (pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic products manufacturers). Although most graduates have chosen to stay in the Indianapolis area, recent graduates have accepted positions in Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and other states within the U.S.

7. Do graduates go on to graduate or professional school?
About 20% of graduates each year go on, either immediately or eventually, to graduate or professional school, including medical, dental, veterinary, physician assistant, pathologists’ assistant, basic science M.S. or Ph.D., business administration, informatics, and others programs.

8. Are transferred courses accepted for credit toward the CLS B.S. degree?
The suitability of CLS prerequisite courses and general education courses for transfer for credit toward the degree will be determined by IUPUI and the IU CLS Program. A final grade of at least 2.0 is required for all transferred courses. No transferred credits or course substitutions can be made for professional (clinical) year courses.

9. Are there opportunities for advanced placement based on work experience or previous completion of laboratory science programs? Can clinical rotations be completed alone without completing the clinical year coursework?
No advanced placement is offered. All students complete the entire professional (clinical) year, including both the didactic courses and clinical rotations.

10. Are there options for online classes?
No online options are available, and attendance is required for all classes.

11. Is job shadowing or any job experience required?
No, there are no requirements for applicants to have job experience. Applicants should be familiar with the profession so they are able to make suitable career choices. Job shadowing is difficult to arrange (and is not offered in the IU Health laboratories) due to stringent privacy (HIPAA) and safety regulations.

12. Is there part-time work available during the professional year?
Occasionally there are part-time lab assistant positions available; however, we recommend students work a maximum of 8-10 hours/week. This work must be completed outside assigned class hours. Students are NOT allowed to work as substitutes for paid staff during assigned clinical time.

13. What are the refund policies of the IU CLS program?  All students enrolled in the IU CLS program are full-time undergraduate students at Indiana University. All financial policies are those of the IU Bursar at Click “Refunds.”

14. How can additional information be obtained?
Please feel free to contact us regarding specific program policies/procedures (admission, academic affairs, student grievance/appeals, program completion plan, clinical placement, student conduct, etc.)

Diane S. Leland (co-director)
Nicholas C. Brehl (co-director)

CLS Program Office
Phone: 317-491-6969

Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Administration Office | Van Nuys Medical Science Building | 635 Barnhill Drive, room A-128 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 Indiana University Health Pathology Laboratory: 350 W. 11th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202