Associate of Science in Histotechnology

Prerequisites Students should consult with the program director regarding prerequisite courses that meet the program’s requirements.

Professional Program
Indiana University offers online courses through various campuses, please contact the Histotechnology Program Director for available options.  Courses may be completed at any regionally accredited college or university and transferred to IUPUI.  Please see the minimum number of hours listed below that must be completed within the IU system to meet graduation requirements.  Most general-education courses may be completed in any sequence.  The capstone course in the Histotechnology Program is designed to be taken as the last course for completion of the associate degree.

Degree Completion Courses
The following courses must be satisfactorily completed for the associate degree. The code “GE” indicates a course that meets the campus’ General Education Core.

Approved courses that meet the General Education core can be found at this section of the University College website.  Please contact the Program Director for assistance for course equivalents at other colleges or universities.


IU School of Medicine

Associate of Science in Histotechnology


UNIVERSITY REQUIRED Click hyperlinks in each area to see requirements


Core Curriculum:


IUPUI Courses

Required # of Credits:

Core Communication 

Principle of Undergraduate Learning 1

Two Content Areas/Two Courses

6 Credits


English Composition

ENG-W 131
or  ENG-W  140 (Honors)


Speech Communication

COMM-R 110


Analytical Reasoning       

Principles of Undergraduate Learning 1
& Principles of Undergraduate Learning 2

One Content Area/One Course

3 Credits


College Math

College Algebra or higher


& Social Sciences

Two Content Areas/Three Courses

9 Credits



Various Options


Social Sciences



PSY-B 110

SOC-R 100 or 121



Life & Physical Sciences
Principle of Undergraduate Learning 4


CAP Guidelines:

6 credits Biology

6 credits Chemistry 

Two Content Areas/Three Courses 

12 Credits


General Biology

Anatomy & Physiology I w/lab


BIOL-K 101

BIOL-N 212/213






General Chemistry


CHEM-C 101

CHEM-C 105 (Preferred)


In addition to biology, anatomy and chemistry, students may need to take an additional course to bring the total minimum credit hours to 12 (must include credit hours in both), Recommended: Microbiology, embryology, genetics, molecular or cellular biology, histology, and immunology.

Questions regarding alternative biology courses should be directed to the Histotechnology Program Academic Advisor. 

Core Curriculum Total

30 credits

Professional Curriculum



or Special Credit

PATH-H 101/181, 102/182, 103/183, & 104/184

or PATH-H 105/185



PATH-H 201


Professional Curriculum Total

30 credits

Degree Total (Minimum)

60 credits

NOTE:  Students who meet the AS in Histotechnology core curriculum will meet eight of the ten IUPUI General Education Core content areas required for completion of a baccalaureate degree.  The additional requirements include a second course in analytical reasoning and a course in cultural understanding.


Special Credit Policy 

Practicing histologists certified by ASCP (HT) may apply for special credit courses PATH-H 105 (Histotechnology Credential Theory) and PATH-H 185 (Histotechnology Credential), in lieu of taking certificate-level courses, when working toward the associate degree at IUPUI. Special credit courses PATH-H 105 and PATH-H 185 are normally not transferable to other colleges or universities.

Graduation Requirements  

Students must successfully complete 60 college credit hours. These credit hours are to include 30 hours of general-education courses, and 30 credit hours of professional courses. If needed, elective hours can be used to bring the student's general-education courses to 30 credit hours as long as all content areas have been completed.  All course work must be completed in compliance with the program’s and the school’s academic and professional policies. A minimum of 30 credits hours must be completed at Indiana University (special credit, PATH-H 105 and 185, courses do not count toward the required 30 credit hours).

Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Administration Office | Van Nuys Medical Science Building | 635 Barnhill Drive, room A-128 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 Indiana University Health Pathology Laboratory: 350 W. 11th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202