Thomas M. Ulbright, MD

Lawrence M. Roth Professor of Pathology
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine
Director of Anatomic Pathology
Telephone: 317-491-6498
FAX: 317-274-5346

My research is based on my clinical work in surgical pathology. I am especially interested in urologic pathology, with particular emphasis on testicular cancer. Many of my past studies were of the clinicopathologic type, where the significance of findings in surgical specimens is correlated with clinical features, especially outcome. Some of my work is also devoted to deceptive morphologies of various tumors in order to provide help for pathologists in clinical practice in avoiding diagnostic pitfalls. A component of both of these types of study is the utilization of different immunohistochemical stains to help define the various entities that are being considered. More recently, we have begun to utilize molecular methods for investigating the nature and prognosis of tumors. For instance, most testicular cancers occur in young men and are of germ cell origin; they usually have amplification, often in the form of an isochromosome, of the short arm of chromosome 12. Teratoma is one such tumor, and it has definite malignant potential. There are other lesions in the testis, however, that are benign and yet resemble teratoma. By conducting fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) studies on the two histologically similar types of tumor it is possible to separate them, with the usual teratoma showing increased numbers of 12p but not the benign mimics.

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