Immunohistochemistry Core

The Pathology Department at Indiana University Medical Center, Indiana Pathology Institute and IU Health Hospitals offers many resources that may be of interest to biomedical researchers. Potential projects may include histologic and immunoperoxidase labeling of tissue sections and collaborations with surgical pathologists. Information on methods and costs can be provided to the researcher to assist in writing grant budgets. Competitive prices are offered but vary depending on the type of service, volume of specimens and need for reagents or human resources. State-of-the-art equipment is supported by ASCP-certified histotechnologists, and immunohistotechnologists.

Members of the IHC laboratory:

Muhammad Idrees, MD, Medical Director
Cecelia Dodson, HT(ASCP), Technical coordinator
Lee Ann Baldridge, BA, HT(ASCP), QIHC
Lisa Bird-Turner, HT(ASCP)
Sylvia Hernandez, BS, HT(ASCP)
Constance Temm, PhD, MT(ASCP)
Lydia Andrews, HT(ASCP)

Lauren Kennedy, Clinical Research Specialist


Technologists are certified in histology and immunohistochemistry by the American Society of Clinical Pathology.

Important information for research involving human subjects:

All research involving human subjects must be HIPAA-compliant and Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved. For research on surgical pathology specimens originating from Indiana University Medical Center, the principal investigator must:

1. Consult with the Director of Immunohistochemistry before initiating study.
2. Provide signed patient consent forms, either copies or the original, authorizing release of materials for research purposes.
3. Identify a pathologist who will monitor the sectioning of tissue and potentially collaborate with the investigator. The Director of Immunohistochemistry will help you identify collaborating pathologists.
4. Type or legibly print the submission form.

For research on surgical pathology or autopsy specimens originating from outside institutions, the principal investigator must code the paperwork, blocks or slides such that patient identifiers are not visible to the technicians and pathologists handling the specimens.

Important information for research involving animals:

1. All research involving animals must be IACUC-approved.
2. If paraffin-embedding of formalin-fixed tissues/organs is requested, the investigator must orient samples in plastic cassettes. Cassettes may be provided upon request.

Services include:

For the preparation of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded histologic tissue sections. Services include processing, embedding, sectioning and staining of tissue sections mounted on glass slides.
Stains include routine hematoxylin & eosin as well as special stains (e.g., for infectious organisms or structural proteins).

For immunostaining of frozen or paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Both traditional “brown stains” (DAB) and FITC-labeled fluorescent probes are available. Specimens may require processing by hand or may be run on one of five Dako automated immunostainers. If requested, collaborations may be negotiated with pathologists for interpretation of staining or titering of antibodies.

We offer a number of in-house antibodies for immunolabeling human tissue sections. Many of these antibodies do not cross-react with other species. If you require antibodies that are not on this list, please order them through your purchasing agent and ship the reagents to your laboratory. Our staff will titer the new antibodies on your tissue samples. We ask that you provide positive and negative control tissues.

For new research projects, contact:
Muhammad Idrees, M.D.
Telephone: 317-491-6310
350 W. 11th Street, Room 4082
Indianapolis, IN 46202-4108

For new research projects or to check on existing projects, contact:
Constance Temm
telephone: 317-491-6326
Room 4001 A

Shipping information:
Immunohistochemistry Laboratory
IU Health Pathology Laboratory
350 W. 11th Street, Room 4001 A
Indianapolis, IN 46202-4108

Phone number for overnight courier: 317-491-6330

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