Residency Program

Welcome to the Indiana University Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine!

Thank-you for visiting our residency home page. We are pleased that our program may be of interest to you and your future professional development. Please allow us to tell you a little about our program.


Our Mission

We offer a comprehensive, well-balanced AP/CP training program that prepares graduates to become highly competent practitioners and leaders within the field of pathology. At the departmental and program levels, we are focused on achieving the highest levels of excellence in three primary areas: patient care, education, and research. We are also strongly committed to maintaining an environment that is friendly, professional, team-oriented, and conducive to providing outstanding resident education.


Our Program and Facilities

As a program, it is important to us to provide our residents with access to the resources and support they need to excel. For the majority of their residency, IU house staff train in a state-of-the-art, award-winning facility (IU Health Pathology Laboratory) that serves as the central laboratory for Indiana’s # 1 healthcare provider, Indiana University Health. IU Health has been consistently ranked by US News and World Report as a high performing hospital system with 18 nationally ranked specialties. IU Health and its wide network of affiliated healthcare providers are uniquely positioned to offer a very broad range of medical services to a large and highly diverse patient population. Accordingly, our residents have easy access to a wealth of cases running the gamut from the “bread and butter” of pathology to wide ranging hematologic and oncologic malignancies and organ transplants. In 2015, our program logged more than 97,000 surgical cases, 5,900 frozen sections, 4,700 FNA’s, and 6.6 million core lab tests. In addition to the high and varied case volume, resident education is further bolstered by our dedicated, accomplished faculty members who have considerable expertise in a wide range of sub-specialties. IU residents also benefit from highly competitive core compensation and fringe benefit packages that includes a generous professional development fund.


Our Curriculum

Our AP/CP training program is designed to provide a challenging but highly rewarding learning experience. While rigorous, our curriculum does provide a great deal of flexibility and allows residents to better tailor their training to fit individual goals. Residents can earn 5-6 elective rotations, which provides an excellent opportunity to further explore areas of interest. As a program, we are continually looking for opportunities to expand the breadth of our curriculum and to improve the quality of resident training in a highly dynamic field. Our program is unique in its ability to provide signout experience in both subspecialty and general pathology environments. These experiences afford residents the opportunity to train with faculty who are highly specialized in their field, while simulating the necessary experience of general signouts. Another unique aspect of our curriculum is the emphasis we place on resident education by complimenting the active learning environment with an extensive supplement of structured educational activities. Daily, we offer faculty-driven didactic lectures and QC conferences. There is also ample opportunity within our program for resident research participation.


Our Goal

Our goal is simple: to ensure our residents are well-prepared for their next endeavor whether it’s a career in private practice or academia. Our graduates have a strong track record of achievement and have been very successful in their ability to secure competitive fellowship positions and jobs in private practice and academic settings. IU also offers excellent sub-specialty training opportunities, and many of our residents choose to stay and complete their fellowship training with our department. 


We strongly believe that the opportunities to learn, to grow, and to excel in our program are endless, and we invite you to consider the rewarding challenge of residency training at IU!




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Matthew J. Kuhar, M.D.
Residency Program Director
Bryan Schmitt, D.O.
Associate Program Director - CP 

Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Administration Office | Van Nuys Medical Science Building | 635 Barnhill Drive, room A-128 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 Indiana University Health Pathology Laboratory: 350 W. 11th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202