Annual Resident Awards

Annual Resident Awards

Each June, the department holds its annual Recognition Dinner to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates and to acknowledge the many achievements in our department. At this event, the residency program takes the opportunity to recognize the residents who have demonstrated excellence in three areas central to the program’s mission and values: Research, Education, and Professionalism. 


June 3, 2016 - Dr. Eble, Dr. Kuhar & Dr. Schmitt present
Dr. Stephanie Kinney with the 2016 Excellence in Professionalism Award


Recent Award Recipients

Excellence in Research Award

2016:  Kurt Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.

2015:  Hany Osman, M.D.

2014:  Joshua Bradish, M.D.

2013:  Chia- Sui Kao, M.D.

2012:  Riley Alexander, M.D., M.B.A.

2011:  Sean Williamson, M.D.


Excellence in Teaching Award

2016:  Euna Choi, M.D.

2015:  Ted Kieffer, M.D.

2014:  Ashley Ibrahim, M.D.

2013:  Julia Adams, M.D.

2012:  Rudy Alvarez, M.D.

2011:  Shannon Lacy, D.O.


Excellence in Professionalism Award

2016:  Stephanie Kinney, M.D.

2015:  Stephanie Kinney, M.D.  

2014:  Hany Osman, M.D. 

2013:  Ashley Ibrahim, M.D.

2012:  Lindsay Schelling, M.D.

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