Stipends and Benefits

At the institutional and departmental levels, our program offers residents a comprehensive and highly competitive benefits package.


2017 - 2018 Stipends






















PGY 7 $66,994 $5,582.83


Professional Development Funds

First Year

$2,000 + up to $2,000/meeting

Second Year

$1,000 + up to $2,000/meeting

Third Year

$1,000 + up to $2,000/meeting

Fourth Year

$1,500 + up to $2,000/meeting

Professional development funds may be used for approved educational expenses and to offset the costs of USMLE Step 3. Funds may also be used to cover expenses associated with professional meetings and educational conferences. 

Resident Laptops

The program provides each resident with an IU laptop that may be used for the duration of training. The laptops are provided at no cost to the resident. 

Presentation Support Funds

To encourage and support research participation, the department provides residents with $1,000 for the first presentation made at a national meeting. Resident can earn $500 for each additional presentation (limited to 3 total presentations) given at the same meeting. For each meeting, residents have the opportunity to earn up to $2,000 in funding.


Paid Time Off (PTO)

1st and 2nd year residents receive 3 weeks (15 business days) of PTO

3rd and 4th year residents receive 4 weeks (20 business days) of PTO

For more information about the IU’s PTO policy, please visit:

Pathology residents also receive 10 personal days to be used throughout the duration of their residency. This time is intended to provide additional time for personal appointments, illness, emergencies, etc.

The department also provides residents with additional time to attend interviews, required exams, and educational conferences.


Medical Coverage

On the first day of employment, all IU residents are eligible to receive full medical (Anthem), dental (Cigna), and prescription drug (Express Scripts) coverage. With this outstanding plan, the university pays all associated premiums, and residents are only responsible for co-pays. Family plans and domestic partner coverage are available at no additional cost.


Life Insurance:

Basic life insurance coverage is provided at no cost to the resident.


Additional Benefits Offered:

  • Retirement Plan
  • Tax Saver Benefit
  • Personal Accident Insurance


For additional information on GME benefits, please visit:  

Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Administration Office | Van Nuys Medical Science Building | 635 Barnhill Drive, room A-128 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 Indiana University Health Pathology Laboratory: 350 W. 11th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202